Wrist Temperature Camera
Wrist Temperature Camera

Wrist Temperature Camera

The HealthKeeper Wrist Temperature Camera measures the body temperature of all incoming visitors/customers and can be easily installed and operated.

7- 8 inch wrist temperature and facial recognition camera.

Temperature measurement – infrared accuracy technology. > Supports contactless temperature measurement, rapid triage, automatic alarm, and automatic mask detection of visitors.

Compared to the disadvantages of long measurement times, low accuracy and complex operation of contact thermometers, this camera measures the constant temperature of the wrist and calculates the body temperature based on algorithms.


7-8 inch IPS screen
Technology for the detection of binocular living bodies, effectively preventing interference from photos, videos, etc.; 99.5% recognition rate
Supports up to 22400 faces
Facial recognition distance: 0,5-2 m
Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 °C

Wrist measurement distance: 1-5cm
Temperature range 30-45 °C
Recognition rate for faces + masks 85%
Recognition time <500 ms
Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 °C
Voice transmission: facial recognition result, normal/abnormal temperature
Max storage or export capacity 100,000 entries

Wrist Temperature Camera
Wrist Temperature Camera

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