Breast pump UVC LED Sterilizer bag P14
Breast pump UVC LED Sterilizer bag P14

UVC LED Sterilization Bag

Two room sterilization shoulder bag with blue / pink UVC LED lamps

With sterilization compartment and storage compartment.

Inside the sterilization compartment, 17 powerful LED neutralize 99.99% of the bacteria, of viruses and microbes, including Covid-19, in 3 minutes.

*According to studies, recommendations and announcements by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UVC radiation eliminates all types of influenza viruses.

Use of the Sterilization Bag

Use of the Sterilization Bag

Reliable and certified solution for use by mothers to sterilise baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.

Ideal for any time of day, on excursions, walks, etc.

Suitable for sterilization of personal items such as masks, glasses, wallets, mobile phones, keys, money, cards, etc.

Available in 2 colors: pink and blue

Rechargeable and with high capacity, provides complete safety by neutralizing microbes and Covid 19 on the items that you use for yourself and your children, as well as household items.

Features of the Sterilization Bag

17 powerful UVC LED
Emits at 260-280 nm
Micro USB input
Size: 270 x 250 x 170 mm
Weight: 700 g
Two room bag in elegant design
Shoulder/hand bag
Easy to use
Safe sterilization at the push of a button
Available in 2 colors: pink/gray and blue/gray

Certificate of performance

Certificate of performance

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