The Right Choice Ltd | Advanced UVC Technologies

The Right Choice PC, Advanced Technology is at the forefront of providing New, Reliable Complete Disinfection Technologies using UV-C Radiation, as an exclusive distributor for Greece and Cyprus.

The Right Choice is offering reliable, specialized disinfection services, with the new line of Healthkeeper professional products.

The Healthkeeper professional product series, provides Assured, Safe, Quality disinfection services against Covid-19.

Our Company specializes in a wide range of electronic solutions, in equipment that is guaranteed to meet the requirements of companies, during their operation both in the new compliance standards for health protection against all microorganisms, including all viruses like Covid-19 and in their need to provide quality services and operate profitably.

The use of high-tech UV-C solutions for 99.9% disinfection from viruses, bacteria and germs, is Guaranteed & Safe and undoubtedly establishes Confidence and an enhanced feeling of Safety to employees and customers. It fully meets all requirements to enable the seamless reopening of businesses and speeding up the return to normality in their target market.

The use of UV-C technology adds value to businesses, creating a protected and safe environment in their operation.

With the application of UV-C disinfection technology, the health of employees, customers, patients and visitors is fully and effectively protected.

We stand next to you at every step, for the proper implementation of the disinfection protocol due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the smooth and profitable operation of your businesses.

Healthkeeper professional products are used for effective and safe disinfection in:

  • Medical & Dental
  • Clinics
  • Beauty salons
  • Professional office space
  • Commercial shops
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Restaurants and Beach bars
  • Gyms and playgrounds
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The Right Choice PC, Advanced Technology, provides full technical support and know-how, continuous information and guidance to its customers, as well as all necessary support marketing material, so that your business informs its customers & employees that it implements the appropriate Protection Measures against Covid- 19 and uses UV-C technology to provide them with Security & Quality of service.

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