Set of 2 Healthkeeper uvc sanitizer/60w Philips
healthkeeper uvc sanitizer 120w
λάμπα απολύμανσης uvc led
Λάμπα Απολύμανσης UVC LED

Set of 2 Healthkeeper uvc sanitizer  120w Philips

Effective UVC technology with 2 powerful 120W Philips lamps, emitting at 254nm for a sterilization efficiency of 99.9 % of all bacteria and viruses.

Also effective for sterilization against Covid-19. The germicidal effect is achieved in a minimum time of 12 minutes for sterilization of small surfaces from 30 m².

Flexible portable device with adjustable arms.

*According to studies, recommendations and announcements by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UVC radiation eliminates all types of influenza viruses.

UVC emission with two powerful 60W Philips lamps (total power 120W) for effective germicidal sterilization of surfaces. Ideal for small spaces such as:

Beauty Salons,
Small Occupational Offices,
Waiting Rooms of Medical Practices and Examination Laboratories,
Clothing Shops,
Flexible, Fast and Efficient Sterilization of commercial vehicles.


The two units operate in the same area in order to achieve sterilization in half the time (from 12 minutes for 30 m²).

They can also be used as two separate devices for simultaneous sterilization of two different areas, e.g. examination room and waiting area.

The adjustable angle bracket allows the surfaces to be approached with great precision, thus reducing the disinfection time to a minimum of <5 minutes.

Features of the Healthkeeper UVC Sanitizer 120W Philips
Portable with 2 Philips UVC lamps, 120 W power
Rapid sterilization in 12 min – 30 m²
Neutralizes 99.9% of microbes and viruses, including Covid-19
Flexible mobile device with 4 wheels
Sturdy support base
Adjustable arms for greater accuracy in approaching the surfaces to be sterilized
Low power consumption
Remote control
With protection sensor to avoid exposure of persons to UVC radiation in case of accidental approach of the machine during operation. Also safe for home use.

Our priority is to secure your space from Covid-19!

λάμπα απολύμανσης uvc led
λάμπα απολύμανσης uvc led
Λάμπα Απολύμανσης UVC LED
Λάμπα Απολύμανσης UVC LED

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