HealthKeeper UVC LED sanitizer Pro Wand1mn


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Disinfection in 1 ‘

The 20 powerful LEDs on the portable sterilization rod sterilize 99.98% of bacteria, viruses and germs.

The rod is easily transported.

It is light.

It includes a support base and makes it an ideal sterilization solution for dining, reception and office spaces.

It is a powerful disinfectant travel kit that can accompany us everywhere in order to sterilize the space in which we want to be safe.

Reliable and certified sterilization solution!

* According to studies, recommendations and announcements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UVC radiation neutralizes influenza viruses.


Features of HealthKeeper UVC 20 LED Rod Sanitizer Pro

20 strong UVC LEDs
Emission at 265 nm
Battery: 2000 mAh
Folding bar
USB port for easy charging
Safety position sensor and child safety.
1 year warranty for good operation


Professional use: o provide security to customers in hotels, restaurants, reception offices, beach bars, beaches.

Use by individuals: can be transported anywhere in travel size (for travel kit), for disinfection on tables, towels, beach chairs, office spaces. keyboard and phones, folders, parcels, masks, money, car interior.

Certificate of performance
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