Two-room Sterilization Bag UVC 17 LED

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Two-room shoulder and hand bag, for effective sterilization with UVC 17 LED lamps.

Available in 2 colors: light blue-gray and pink-gray.

It has a sterilization area and a storage area.

With the push of a button for 1-3 minutes it sterilizes your items and neutralizes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and germs.

* Certified UVC technology

* According to studies, recommendations and announcements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UVC radiation neutralizes influenza viruses.

Using the Sterilization bag

Reliable and certified sterilization solution for use by mothers, at home, in the children’s room, for disinfection of child objects such as baby bottles, etc.

For all hours it can accompany you anywhere, on an excursion, walk, etc.

Can disinfect baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.

For the sterilization of the mask, glasses, wallet, mobile phone, keys, money, cards.

Features of the Sterilization bag
17 strong UVC LEDs
They emit at 260 – 280 nm
Micro USB input
Size: 270 x 250 x 170 mm
Weight: 700 g
Two-room bag with elegant design
Handbag and shoulder bag
Easy to use
Safe sterilization at the touch of a button
Available in 2 colors: pink-gray and light blue-gray

Performance certificates
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