Sanitizer Trolley Healthkeeper 60W – PHILIPS


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Guaranteed protection at home and in the car with the Sanitizer Trolley Healthkeeper 60W – 120W PHILIPS.

*According to studies, recommendations and announcements by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UVC radiation eliminates all types of influenza viruses.

Features of the UVC LED Sterilization Lamp

Short sterilization time 20 25 min
Target areas can be further approached for even shorter application time.
Remote control
Protective presence detector


Certified Germicidal Productς
Neutralizes 99.96 % of viruses, bacteria and microbes in all rooms of the house (living room, kitchen, toilet, etc)
Full disinfection and sterilization in just 8 minutes
Neutralizes viruses and microbes on hard and soft surfaces (plastic, leather, glass, wood, fabric)
Suitable for supermarket bags and packagings, packages, sofas, armchairs, car seats, etc.
1 year product guarantee


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