HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC 1000W


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A reliable solution to neutralize the influenza virus
Effective germicidal sterilization of large surfaces

The HealthKeeper 1000 W system with its unique activation method for 15 UVC lamps of 1000 W power is a reliable and complete sterilization solution producing an extremely powerful UVC beam that neutralizes 99.96% of bacteria and viruses in just 8 minutes.

It effectively sterilizes all surfaces in the room, neutralising germs and viruses. The light destroys all bacteria, viruses and germs. Ideal for large areas up to 150 m².

This is the most suitable solution for businesses with high traffic, such as hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, department stores, super markets, polyclinics, beauty centers, gyms, schools, and more.

* According to studies, recommendations and announcements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UVC radiation neutralizes influenza viruses.

Features of HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC 1000W:

Portable Equipment with 15 UVC lamps 254nm, power > 1000 W
Rapid sterilization 8 min – 150 m3
UVC Test standard GB 19258-2012
Neutralizes 99.9% of germs, viruses & covid -19
Low power consumption during operation
Extremely short sterilization time for large surfaces

The HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC 1000W is suitable for Indoor & Outdoor areas, such as:

Polyclinics and clinics,
Beauty salons, Hotel rooms, Lobby and Roof Garden hotels, Airbnb Apartments,
Restaurants, Fitness & spa, Entertainment & beach bar, Department stores and super market,
Schools and playgrounds, Marinas and Pleasure Boats,
Passenger Ships, TV studios and more


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