UV Sterilizer Lamp

HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC – 1000W

Advanced UVC technology for fast, reliable & certified sterilization of large surfaces up to 150 m²2.

Effective germicidal action for 99.9% sterilization from microbes, viruses and & influenza viruse

Rapid sterilization from 8 minutes with low power consumption. The HealthKeeper UVC Sanitizer 1000W neutralizes germs, viruses and bacteria on surfaces up to 150 m².2

UVC devices with high yield lamps> 1000W are already being used by large international hotel units.

*According to studies, recommendations and announcements by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UVC radiation eliminates all types of influenza viruses.

Health in your business is valuable!

The HealthKeeper UVC Sanitizer 1000W is suitable for indoor & outdoor areas, such as:

Polyclinics, clinics,
Beauty salons,
Hotel rooms,
Hotel lobbies and roof gardens,
Airbnb apartments,
Gyms & spa,
Entertainment venue & beach bar,
Department stores & super market,
Schools and playgrounds,
Marinas and pleasure crafts,
Passenger ships,
TV studios, and more

Fearlessly touch anything touched by the light!

New UVC technologies in hotel chains:

MGM Grand (USA)
Marriot Westin (Houston, Texas, USA)
Zhuzhou Marriott hotel (CN)
HYATT Regency Zhuzhou (CN) Hayatt ,Mariott

Features of the HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC 1000W:

Portable with 15 UVC 254nm lamps, power > 1000 W
Rapid sterilization in 8 min – 150 m³
UVC Test standard GB 19258 -2012
Neutralizes 99.9% of microbes, viruses and influenza viruses
Low power consumption
Extremely short sterilization time for large surfaces

Technical Report


HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC - 1000W
HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC - 1000W
healthkeeper uvc sanitizer
HealthKeeper Sanitizer UVC - 1000W

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