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HealthKeeper UVC Advanced Technology by Right Choice P.C

The Right Choice P.C., Advanced Technology is a pioneer in finding solutions and promoting reliable full sterilization technologies using UVC irradiation in Greece & Cyprus

Our new Healthkeeper UVC product line offers new possibilities to keep your spaces safe. Beyond any doubt, UVC technology will help your family and friends, your employees and your customers to feel safe again.

The high-tech UVC radiation equipment rapidly and safely neutralizes 99.96% of viruses, bacteria and germs, including influenza viruses, with guaranteed reliability.

Until recently, UVC sterilization technology was used exclusively in hospitals and health care units. Today it is possible to apply this disinfection and sterilization technology widely in businesses, hotels, shops, clinics, etc. in order to effectively preserve the health of employees, customers and visitors.

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UV light sterilization

Your competitive advantage:

Our special vignette informs customers and employees upon entering your premises that your company applies the most reliable sterilization practices against all viruses (including influenza), using high-tech Healthkeeper UVC technology.